Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

En guarde!! Or... really more on guard.

Don't tell Mike, but I think he really has spooked me. Not, maybe in a way that would make him happiest but still, I've put my skeptical glasses on at least for now.

First there was the freezing of my Google account by Google.  That's still freaking me out and will until they give it back.

Then I keep getting non-calls.  Google Voice keeps telling me: New missed call from Unknown Caller.  I've gotten these calls before but usually one every 3 or 4 months.  I've gotten six in the last 24 hours and all while I'm surrounded by phones that did not ring.

This morning, I get a note from my insurance that there is a secure message from them on their site.  I go look and it says they are working on a claim.  ??? I don't remember ever getting a note like this before.  The claim they are working on is from my doctor for $14.00 ($0 owed by me) from May 19!!!  Now there's a giant WTF if I ever saw one.

None of these things taken on their own would spell trouble - well, the Google wallet thing would but the others, no.  But together they are kind of digging at me...

Oh well, I'm on the look out now...


I forgot that I needed to reset the Saturday alarm so this morning I slept 30 minutes longer than I intended. Not a big deal - I still got to the pool in plenty of time to get a good number of laps in before class.  It was excellent.

I've been fighting a goggle fight. Several people in the know told me a while back that all goggles are equal so if they fit and don't leak, cheap is fine.  And I bought it and bought it and bought it.  I bought a boatload of really cheap goggles.  Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Yesterday I went to the sporting goods store and studied their not-that-great-but-just-ok selection of goggles with the money is no object goal of finding a pair that will work for me.  I had to weed through the kids goggles, the goggles for triathletes, the goggles for open water, the goggles for ocean water to come up with goggles for old ladies who swim in pools and just want a pair of goggles that lasts for more than one swim before they leak, fog up and make permanent marks on my face.

I settled on a pair $19.99 but only $16 and change at the register cause turned out they were on sale.

Today I gave them a go and, yeah, those cheap goggles people were blowing smoke up my swim suit.  I swam for 45 minutes straight with these babies with no leaks, no fog and no stopping to adjust or refit or anything.  Just 45 minutes of very comfortable clear vision swimming and no googglie eye marks left on my face after.  Nice.


I had toyed with the idea of brunch after swimming. There's a place on Capital Hill called Smith's that I haven't been to in ages and I thought today would be a good day to remedy that, but once I got done at the pool and got on the freeway and saw the traffic and then got off to zip via a side road and then got caught in that traffic, I decided today would be a good day to go home and enjoy things here.

I have plenty to keep me entertained and nothing I really need to go out for.  So home I am.  Oh, I did stop at the coffee shop downstairs and treated myself to a bagel with cream cheese, lox and capers.  Yum.
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