Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Billie Jean King

PBS had this great American Masters episode on Billie Jean King.  I just finished watching it.  And wow.  My Mom was a tennis player until she hit 75 and her knees gave out.  Billie Jean King is 6 years older than I am and hit the tennis world about the time I got conscience.  Mom used to always talk about Billie Jean and we watched her progress and read about her playing (there was very little tennis on TV and no women's tennis at all.).  She really is an amazing amazing woman.  A champion for equal rights, a champion for women in sports, a champion for LGBT.  We are lucky to have her.


In the beginning of the episode she and her brother (a pro baseball player who was no slouch in his day either) were describing growing up in the 50's and she says about her parents:

What my parents said and what they did matched.

I realized that, I grew up that way, too.  What my parents said always matched what they did.  It seems like a small thing but, in retrospect, it was huge and so stabilizing and so not confusing.  What a gift to give a child.  I am very grateful.
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