Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

tooth adventures

At the end of July, I woke up one morning with a horrendous toothache.  It was on a weekend so I could not go to the dentist which I was loathe to do anyway.  It happened on a night when I did not wear a Breathe Right strip on my nose.  I never skipped another night and the tooth got better.  Yep, I was grinding it down.  Plus, the Breathe Right strips kept my mouth closed with no grinding so my tooth was happier and my mouth was not dessert dry.

But, actually, my tooth never got totally pain free.  It still wiggled a little and was sore. It was not too sore for eating so I did not worry about it.  It was getting annoying.

catmomma suggested a drug store mouth guard.  I had had one before from the dentist - a $500 deal that I used for a year and then abandoned years ago.  I'd never tried a drug store one.  So last Saturday, I got one. I boiled it up and molded it and have been using it every night with no Breathe Right strip.

1.  Tooth nearly perfect - not sore, won't wiggle.
2.  Skin on nose way happier.
3.  No dry mouth.
4.  I actually wake up fewer times in the night.

Win win win win win!
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