Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today there is nothing on the calendar.  No baseball game even which is a blessing.  But otherwise nothing.  My house is clean.  I have groceries in house.  There is nothing even on my Must Do list.  I'm a blank slate on this Thursday.

Well, there is swimming, of course.  The pool opens at 11 and that's where I'll be then.

Remember Mike?  He called again last night.  The phone started ringing about 9:30.  This time he used an Arizona area code.  I do not know anyone in Arizona who would call me after 9 pm.  I didn't answer.  It rang again.  Again I didn't answer.  I was in the process, when this started, to turning off the TV and lights and moving to the bedroom.  As the lights went out, he called again.  This time he left a voice mail.

Poor guy, he's just so clueless.  He told me that I should turn the lights back on.  And I should... and then started telling me about variousl things in my living room - specific things so that I would understand that he could actually see those things.  Der. Uh.  He apparently hasn't gotten to the part in the How To Be A Stalker/Creepy Guy where you actually state a threat or what he wants to do to me.  I guess as a Computer Hacker he feels like he might not have to.

Happily, I can, since I use Google Voice, mark all his phone numbers as spam.  That's kind of satisfying.

I finally got my Note 2 unhooked from Verizon and off to Gazelle.  I have my eye on a bluetooth adapter for the car.  I tried one before but it was a total fail.  Am trying a new one with this new phone and high hopes.  Gazelle is pretty fast with the $$ and I picked the Amazon card option which gives you a little bonus.  I should be able to order the adopter next week.

The weather people are all hopped up about another day of record breaking heat.  Oh yeah! We have an extension of Summer!! It's this weather wonderful?  Hope you get to enjoy the sunshine!!  ARUGH.  At least the nights are blessedly cool and so the mornings.  Right now it is 9:30 and about 65 and foggy out.  I know it's not going to last but I just spent some quality time out on the terrace breathing in the free air conditioning.  Nice.
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