Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a great swim this morning.  Going in it was dark and cool.  Coming out, it was still kind of cool but way too sunny.  The weather people are all orgasmic about our possibly breaking a high temperature records that could fall today.  I understand they live for different goals than I do but, really, 90 degrees in September is tragic not celebratory.

My current plan is to stay inside and stay cool.  I do have 3 quick errands to run and one really needs to be done today.  The cleaning team comes today and I need to be here so maybe after they leave.  They have keys but I have to make sure the air conditioner is turned off before they turn off their vacuum or they'll blow out the circuits.  It's ok. It's not like my day is packed with events!

My brother is off to his granddaughter's 2nd birthday party.  I'm so glad he's getting to go.  He spent a lot of years kind of lost as to how to be a father to his boys.  When he 'came to' he discovered that a lot of golden years had past.  He's worked hard to make up for it all while understanding what's done can never be undone.  The 2 year old's family lives outside Boston and he does not get to see them often.  It takes time out of his business that he does not have and cash out of his pocket which is never overflowing and I love that he makes the effort.

I'm sitting on the bed. My coffee is done. I'm ready to get up but Zoey is snuggled in my lap purring like a fine tuned engine and I cannot interrupt that.  So I guess I'll read for a bit before I move.
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