Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More swimming thoughts

Usually, I get to the pool when it opens and have an hour and a half or more.  So I jump in and kick off and go.  I count lengths.  When I get to a good number - lately it's been 72-80 -  I stop.  When I do this, I watch the numbers.  1-20 is ok.  20-40 is good. 40-60 is kind of a grind and 60-72+ are generally really good.  Usually this takes me about an hour.

Today, I had to swim to a set time.  Madelene and Jennifer (from the aqua jogging class) and I were going to coffee after they finished their class.  Their class ended at 12:45.  I can shower and get dressed faster but still I had to be done by 12:50ish.  I hit the water about 11:45 and just went for it.  I counted (pressed the button on my lap counter ring at each wall) but I didn't look cause it didn't matter.  I just swam and swam and swam and swam I noticed they were using the hand buoys in class which meant they were in their last 10 minutes.  I looked.  I was at 72.  Wow.  It sure hadn't felt like 72.  It had been really easy.  And while they finished up, I did 8 more lengths.  It was great.

So now, I think I'm going to try the swim-for-an-hour route.  I'll count but the goal will be an hour and not number of lengths.  It's a subtle difference.  Plus, it so does not matter.  No one is tracking me, I'm not training for some big race or meet, no one even knows or cares how much or how little I swim so it amuses me that I get so into the tracking.

I am getting up some speed.  Sunday and again today, I found myself in lanes with swimmers who were way slower than me. I mean if-you-don't-get-the-lead-out-I'll-be-eating-your-feet slow.  This woman was so slow today, I passed her - I just went right around her.  Ruth, my masseuse is a swimmer and she was bitching once about slow swimmers and I thought - oops, I'm the slow swimmer.  At that time, I'd never been in a lane with slower people.  Since then lots of my lane sharers have slowed way down :).  And the next lane over is either too crowded or too fast.  But, so far, turning mid-length, passing the turtles or just switching to the other lane has worked out.

I am so mellow when I'm in the pool that I cannot imagine anything that would piss me off.  It feels so good and it's so satisfying.

Today there was something wrong with the temperature control. The water was about 4 or 5 degrees colder than usual and they said it was getting colder.  It was soooo perfect for me.  Brisk when I first got in but it felt good.  It dawned on me tonight that if the problem didn't get fixed, the pool might be closed tomorrow morning. And it's an early swim day.  I didn't want to get up at 6 and suit up only to get to a closed pool.  So I just called and the guy on the front desk didn't even know about the problem and said the pool was full of swimmers right then. I'm assuming all fixed.  Whew.

Tomorrow morning there will be splash down.
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