Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Health Insurance and heat

My health insurance - COBRA - ends at the end of January 2014.  I'm eligible for Medicare at the end of March 2014.  I've got a 2 month gap to worry about.  My big medical cost is my COPD drugs but I'm pretty sure I can stock up enough by January to carry me to March.  So, my chances of incurring medical charges over those two months is slim.  But, I'm not going to chance it.

I had thought/wondered/mused over whether Obama care which, oh so conveniently, kicks in October 1 of this year, will enable me to easily get 2 months of coverage and I found out yesterday that it sure will.  So the only remaining question is how much.  My former employer offered last year to 'hire' me for a week so that COBRA will kick back in and I know he would and I know it would be a rather large PIA for him so I'm hoping not to have to use that option.  But, I'm so very glad to have it as an option.

I connected yesterday with an outfit attached to my doctor's company who will help me through the process. Nothing to be done until October and plenty of time after October 1 to understand and get a good plan in place.  Whew.


The weather people are talking seriously hot here this week.  Summer's last fry.  I am very glad I did not roll the air conditioner back into it's winter closet a few weeks ago when it cooled down a bit.  Hopefully that will be a lovely cool reality next week.


The pool opens at 11 today but I'm going in closer to noon.  One of my swim peops phoned last night to say that a post class coffee get together had been called for today and they wanted me in even though I wasn't going to class. The class ends at 12:45 so my plan is to hit the pool about 11:45 to get my laps in and then join them after.


I just finished The Burning by Jane Casey and I loved it.  On Google+ I mentioned how much I was enjoying it and how delighted I was to find it the first of a series that already had 2 others.  Plus, I'd researched the author who is not only alive but young and, hopefully, full of more books.  My Google+ entries are copied to twitter and this morning I had a twitter reply from the author that she has already finished the 4th and is working on the 5th.  LOVE that 2 more are in the bag and that she responded.  (One of my favorite authors - actually two, now that I think about it, recently died way too young with way too many books yet to be written.  Really pissed me off.)


Zoey's latest sleeping habit is to snuggle up next to me while I fall asleep and then go into the guest room to finish off her night. Plus, she's been sleeping in.  I've been up for a several hours and I just went to look in on her.  She looked at me but didn't bother getting up.  A cat's life.
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