Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

arugh my achin back

Because I sit on my ass so much (at least that's my theory), my lower back sometimes really aches.  And today it's very bad. I wonder if swimming so long didn't maybe aggravate it.  The internets to the rescue!!  I found a series of 7 simple lower back stretches on the webmd website.  None were knew but having them all grouped together like that really checked my box.  So I printed them out. Twice today, I've gotten uncomfortable and so gotten up and gone through them and damn, if they don't work!  This is very good news.


I put on a not-at-all new yellow shirt this morning.  It's soft and nice looking.  But, it's got some age on it.  When I was putting it back on after my swim, I noticed that it has fairly severe arm pit stains and mentally marked it end of life.  Then I got some blood on it from a cut I got in the shower.  Then I got maraschino cherry juice on it from my milkshake at McDonalds.  Then I spilled some of the chocolate on it.  Zoey came up to love me and snagged her toenail in it creating a hole.  It is now so shredded and stained, I'm embarrassed for Mike to see it on the web cam!!


When Betty was alive, I cleaned out the two litter boxes a couple of times a day in hopes of encouraging her to use them more often.  After she died, I consolidated to one box for Zoey who, honestly, just does not make elimination her top priority.  She maybe pees twice a day and gives tiny little bullet poops once a day and does a whole lot of excavation of the litter.  No longer a bit maintenance item. But, I guess I got too slack.  This morning when I remembered I hadn't looked in a while the litter was all over the place and banked up on the side where she had peed over the edge.  The chest that houses the litter box was a mess.

So I completely emptied it, and cleaned it out and took out a bunch of stuff that didn't need to be there and wiped it all down and Fabreezed it.  Then I lined it with shelf liner, and put the litter in a clean litter box and put it with the bare essentials back into the chest and promised her I'd do better.  She promptly went in and peed and thereby said I was forgiven.  Whew. 
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