Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I don't remember past football seasons taking over so completely as it is this year.  Twitter, G+ and LJ plus TV and radio all seemed consumed by football in a way that I have never noticed before. I went to an all girls high school and a tiny non-competing college and never got a foundation for appreciating the game. There's nothing about it that I can even grab onto past the game watching snacks which, I found out, you can have without having to labor through a game!  So, from now until at least November for college and January for everything else, I'll be on the outside looking in... with Dritos.

At least there is the pool.  On Sundays, I have my choice of my regular pool (the one closest to me) at noon or the West Seattle pool at 11.  The other pools are open later or not open at all.  There's a new pool (or rather re-new) opening in a couple of weeks. But it's nearly out of my radar and only opens for an hour on Sundays for lane swim which is weird.   At least I do have two good Sunday choices.  I think today is going to be West Seattle because it opens first and has easy access to some errands I need to do after and good breakfast/brunch options if I'm hungry.

Nothing much else going on except the usual knitting, tv watching, book reading, good life.
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