Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shoot me dead

Ann just came in and said that they were encouraged.  Apparently, they brought Charlie out of his medically induced coma to check and he gave them the thumbs up and squeezed Amy's (his wife) hand.  They put him back but everyone is very much more optimistic about his chances of not dying right now.  Ann was a different Ann - much less stressed.  She said that they said that the next step in his recovery was at least six weeks off and that it would be followed by six weeks in a rehab center.

I did not say a word and I am not only not a doctor, I try to stay as far away from medical shit as possible but really, I find it VERY hard to believe that in 3 months he's going to be fixed and back home.  My money says if he does nothing but improve from here, he's looking at a good 5 or 6 months of pre-going home medical stuff.  And that's if they can miraculously fix his addiction along with his organs.

But, it sounds like Ann, Ron, Amy and everyone else needs hope right now and they all have it and I love that.

However, if that ever happens to me... any of it, just, please, shoot me dead.  I'm thinking about getting my name changed to DNR.  I am absolutely making it my theme song.


More people are moving into the apartment building outside my terrace but not into the apartments I can see.  Poop.  Tang the cat I can see has, apparently, lost interest in window sitting. I rarely see him any more.


The Mariners game starts in an hour and the Sounders game starts in 2 hours and already the 'hood is filling up out there.
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