Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Usually, on Saturdays, I go to a pool about 25 minutes from here.  They have early morning lane swim and a great aqua jogging class.  But today they are closed so I did a new plan.  My regular pool (10 mins from here).  They open for lane swims at 8:30 and have a shallow end class at 9.  I had heard that the Saturday shallow class as lively and rigorous. Turns out it was taught by an instructor I've had and not been impressed with and while many of the class were not nursing home prospects yet, they had a long way to go to get to lively.  So I did my laps and it was fine.  Better than fine actually. I had the lane to myself for the hour.

There are 5 or 6 lanes for swimming, depending on the day.  Always 2 easy (sometimes a very easy), 1 medium, 1 fast and 1 very fast.  Most of the time, like today, there will be 3 or 4 people in the medium lane and just me in easy.  Today I did several races... I swam along side one of the medium lane swimmers to test for speed and I was faster every time and that was without trying - just my normal pace.

It appears that pride is way more important than lane real estate.  NFW will they lower themselves to be labeled easy!  ha!!

After my shower, I stopped at a little cafe that I've watched since it opened a couple of years ago.  It is at a light on my pool route.  So today, I went in and it was great.  Very family oriented which is my least kind of food place, but while there were kids, they did not start screaming until I was ready to leave anyway.  It was nice to discover a great option so nearby.

Now I'm home.  I'm wondering if Charlie (my neighbors' son) made it through the night.  Ann and Ron's car is here which means they aren't at the hospital.

I have the sliding glass doors open and it's pleasantly cool even in here and extraordinary quiet out on the street. It's kind of weird.  Both of the neighborhood stadiums have a game tonight so that quiet won't last long.  I generally like hearing noise and action on the street but this morning I'm kind of into the peace and quiet.
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