Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My neighbor, Ann, hasn't dropped by in several days - actually more than a week.  I saw her and her husband with their nephew in the garage earlier this week so I  knew she was alive but I missed her visits.  This afternoon she came in and I found out why she's been missing.  Their only son is dying.  He's been an alcoholic - a semi-functional alcoholic - for several years and has had related health issues but, apparently, they all collaposed onto him about 10 days ago and his wife - Amy - who's really sweet and makes me Christmas cookies every year - took him into the hospital where he's been ever since.  They have him in a medically induced coma and while they are trying to be hopeful, it does not sound like there is really much hope.

In the middle of Ann's telling me all this my phone rings.  She says "That's probably Ron."  My phone indicated it was a local number but not one I knew - I figured maybe he was at the hospital or something so I answered it.  It was someone - a male - clearly watching my web cam and trying to be very clever about it.  He mentioned the color of my clothes and that I had a visitor. He was not giving me anything to identify him  but he also clearly wasn't being nefarious in any way.  I was trying to be nice and explain that I could not talk right now.  I suggested he call another time.  I said I was busy and nothing was working so finally I just hung up on him.

Then the phone rang again - a non 206 number and I didn't answer.  in 5 minutes it rang again and 2 minutes after that it rang again!!  all different numbers - none of the numbers recognizable.  I did not answer any of the calls and, honestly, I may never answer the phone again.

My phone rings maybe 2 times a week.  1.75 of those times are telemarketers.  I do not ever remember getting 4 phone calls in one hour in my life.  Major WTF.

And, of course, Ann got all stressed out because she really wanted me to show her something on her phone and we needed mine to do it and my fucking phone would not quit ringing!!


Finally, it did.  She and Ron (her husband) and Amy are all on the same page about what Charlie (their son) would want.  It is so very sad but, it sounds like they are all working together and are holding it together and are ready for the worst or the best.  And, as Ann said, "At least now he has the good wife instead of his first one!"

She also told me that Ron fell because his leg stopped working and then he couldn't get up. I'm afraid he's the one who's not long for this world and I don't think she's one single bit ready for that.  Sigh...

Then Zoey dug a divot out of my arm.  I'm trying thnidu's suggestion of cold on it in hopes it 1. stops bleeding and 2. does not develop into a giant purple bruise.
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