Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today was a glorious swim day.  I got there right at 6:30 and from the first plunge, it just felt good.  I just felt like I could go on forever. I didn't... I stopped at 1,800 yards but I did those in under an hour which impressed me.  No lane crowding. In fact, for a lot of the time, I had the lane to myself.  Great way to start the day.

I had seriously thought I'd go get a hair cut today but once my hair dried and I ran a brush threw it, it was clear that I'm having too good a hair day to fuck with it and any excuse to avoid the hair cutting thing works for me.  I do need to plan some mid day adventure.  If I don't I'll end up sitting in my chair all day and night and get a severe case of sit-itis.

I think today's a good day to go out to lunch. It's cool and a bit rainy which might mean things won't be as crowded.  There are three places - all about 4 or 5 blocks away that I've been wanting to try... today appears to be the day to try at least one of them!

I spent some time reconciling bank statement and other financial things.  Everything's paid and up to date and under control.  I do need to find a cash machine some time soonish but otherwise, all is in good shape and accounted for or calendared.

One of the perfectly delicious things about being retired and having time to spare is easily finding time to take are of things on the bottom of the list.  These are things that are generally not fun or not important but, I'm finding a fair amount of satisfaction in getting them done anyway.  I still have things that I could/should/want to do - like clean out closets - but, a bunch of other stuff that in the past, when I was working, just never got done is now... done.  Nice.
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