Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the wait begins

I'm at the Mercedes dealership for the Smart Car's checkup.  This is the one that used to be beautiful and full of character and fabulous services and wonderful people...  Now it's anneceptic with no wifi (it's not hooked up yet), no snacks of any kind and nothing nearby.  The guy who checked me in was ok but the concierge service that used to be so good is now cold and uncaring.  The furniture is new and not so comfortable.  Bitch, moan, bitch, moan.

I was smart enough to bring the Chromebook that has built in wifi.  And I have my tablet and phone.  I have books to read and games to play so I really have no legitimate complaints.

Swimming was ok this morning.  I've gotten so I always wake up early on early swim days - before the alarm.  So this morning I got there before the pool was even ready.  But I also needed to get my ass out of the pool, showered and dressed and home in time to be there when Anita got there for cheffing.  So I didn't get in all of my laps but I managed to do 1,200 yards.

I'm going to start keeping track of my swimming by yardage. It seems more universal.  I shoot for 1,500 yards on weekdays and 1,760 on Sundays.  Saturdays is usually close to 1,000 plus aqua aerobics classes.

Anita's cooking away at home with Zoey. Good eats tonight!!  Having her come in once a month is working out perfectly. It's a tolerable amount of money ($300-350 - cooking, groceries and parking) and she ends up making enough for about a half a month's worth of dinners.  So I only have to rely on lazy me for cooking half a month which is about my limit.  I know how to cook, I just dislike it soooo much.

The customers of a Mercedes dealership are a very interesting lot.  
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