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It was so good to get back in the pool today.  I got there way early - they hadn't even put in the lane floats yet.  I took some pictures to document...  The foreground is the shallow end or teaching pool.  The rest is where I swim laps.  (I had an eye opening comment swap with venta about swimming laps. I was confusing her as she thinks of a lap is going around - like around the edge. What I call laps, she calls lengths which makes WAY more sense! )

The outside lanes - the ones closest to the edge are reserved for slower swimmers and the middle lanes for the speed demons.  So, generally I swim in the very farthest lane in this photo over there where you can barely see Erica vacuuming with her long pole.

It was a great swim and I met Chuck who is apparently a new lifeguard.  He came up to me as I was leaving and said 'so I take it you are a regular.  My name is Chuck, what's yours?'  I'm not sure how it picked up on my regularness but it was lovely of him to introduce himself.

He was also teaching the aqua jogging class but I'd done my 60 laps and didn't have the energy to break in a new instructor.  I did see Madaline and Judith and managed a bit of a visit.

I had taken a bag full of Betty's cat food that Zoey won't touch in for Madaline but she said her cat wouldn't like it either so on the way home, I passed a new homeless/tent camp and stopped there to see if anyone had cats.  The people at the entrance said 'she does!' and pointed to a young lady who was delighted with the cat food. Nice.

The bears were all turned over to the 'adoption agency' and now I'm having lunch.
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