Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dreaming in English

Last night I watched the first 2 hour episode of Silk (Masterpiece Theater).  It's a legal show but British.  It took my ears about 30 minutes to get to where I could understand more of the dialogue than not.  And the British legal system is different enough that that took some translation as well.  But the show is excellent and since it was PBS, no commercials so I was thoroughly sucked in.

Every night before I got to sleep, I spend an hour or so listening to an audio book. So I left legal London for British crime.  My current book is Jane Casey's The Burning. The book takes place in contemporary England and the reader is one of the best I've listened to.  The various characters all sound very different from each other and very British.  And the story is very compelling so I get sucked in instantly as soon as I turn it on.

So I should not be surprised that my dreams were all with a British accent!!  ha. Cracked me up - even while I was dreaming!!

I am getting better at American to English translation.


It got very hot here yesterday.  I took the trash down to the dumpsters in the garage and it was really hot in the lobby and the halls.  Today it is a bit rainy out and cooler. I'm ready for The Fall Cool Down!


Today the pool does not open until 11. I have the bears all bagged up and ready to be dropped off on the way to the pool.

Tomorrow is Chef Anita day and the day I take my car in for its annual checkup.

Big week here!  ha!
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