Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Catching my breath

I did the math... I started swimming laps every day on May 5.  I am about 1 week away from swimming exactly the same amount that Diana Nyad did and I did NOT use a shark cage either so... there!  But, honestly, she does a wonderful job of old lady represent!!

I spied my first tenant in the apartment building!!!  I'm going to call him Tang.

But... windows shades????  That's very bad.

I got all involved in the Diana Nyad landing and so didn't get to the grocery walk until after the sun was full strength.  I went anyway and it was not pretty.  Happily the new apartment building gives good shade if I got a little bit out of my way which I was happy to do.

The Mariners are playing, and now that I'm rested, I think I'll find some lunch.
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