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<rant>I hate holidays</rant>

I normally get up early to be at the pool at 6:30.  I forgot to turn off the alarm so I woke up early with no pool.  Not a great start to the day. The rest of the day now has a leg up.  No biggie, really.

At least Gazelle and Verizon are working. I'm selling my phone to Gazelle and, in reading the fine print, realized last night that I had a problem.  When I called to  cancel, Verizon said that they would cancel at the end of my billing cycle - 8 days from now.  The fine print of the Gazelle deal requires the ESN (electronic serial number) be released.  So I wrote and asked them if my account still being open would run afoul of their ESN requirement.  A note this morning assured me it would.  So I called Verizon.  A really nice guy tried but, in the end, because the phone had been canceled, could not release the ESN.  Not a huge deal since I had not yet mailed the package to Gazelle. I can wait 8 days and mail it.  Their price to me is good until 9/28.  I'm just glad I caught it.

My call to Verizon was made on the new phone is which FAR easier to use as an actual telephone than my old one.  Easier to hold, easier to hear, easier to use all around.  And the native Google dialing app is way better than the Samsung one.


I keep seeing and hearing about Diana Nyad's swim to Florida today.  From Cuba.  On Sundays, I swim a mile.  Lately when I get to about 60 laps (a mile is 72), I think I can maybe do a mile and a half but when I get to 72, I know I'm done.  And this is in a lovely, clean, clear pool with a possible slow swimmer as my only impediment. She has only 2 more miles to go according to Twitter. I cannot fathom what she is doing.  And here's the big kicker for me.

Diana Nyad is exactly my age.


When I was working in executive offices (as a speech writer so not of them but there observing) I remember being fascinated by the vast differences in the decision making process and outcome real time vs. historic.  The decisions were made using half factual and half guessed info.  They were often very difficult and little understood and often hated at the time.  In retrospect so many of those very ugly ones looked absolutely brilliant.

In listening and reading the news about this whole U.S. in Syria thing, I'm struck by how truly bipartisan some of the congressional conversation is sounding.  I had a flash this morning - what if this whole incident actually manages to show the congress how they can work together on a problem.

What if, 10-20 years from now, we look back on these weeks as the time when our government turned the whole dysfunctional part of itself into one who is far better equipped to govern wisely and fairly.

That is the only thing I can think of that would make our involvement in Syria worth it, in my opinion.


Nothing on the agenda today.  If it stays cool, I may venture out.  I'm thinking of a stroll over to the Japanese market. They are the only ones that carry the rice I like and I'm running low.  Be a nice leg stretcher.


The apartment building outside my terrace saw their first tenets move in yesterday.  I waited until dark dark to check, but, alas, it does not appear that any of the units I can spy on see are occupied yet.  My binoculars are at the ready.
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