Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing a krispy kreme donut can't fix...

Meeting Madaline for dinner was great. I picked her up at her house. I'd never been there before and it's adorable. It's a tiny (800 sq feet, 2 bedroom) brick house with devotedly tended front and back yards, a garage and carport and a half finished basement.  She's lived there for 40 years.  No dishwasher. No microwave.  I told her, in her place, I'd long ago have traded in my fridge and stove for a dishwasher and a microwave.  She's 82.  She laughed at me.

The place turned out to be a bar/hamburger place. It had a lovely review in the paper.  It was decidedly ok but that was really only because we had the place to ourselves.  The burgers were a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and the frites were a 7 so not terrible.  We, however, had a great visit.

We went back to her house after and had coffee and some way too healthy cookies and extended our visit. It was just lovely. We must figure out an excuse to do it again.

By the time I left her place it was perfect timing to get to the tech event.  The line was long when I got there (it got way longer after) which would not have been bad except behind me were 2 children - 2 little boys about 7 and 10.  WTF????  They had apparently been shut in the house since they were 3 and this was the first time they had ever been allowed out around people.  Yes, squealing and jumping around and bumping into me repeatedly... all fine and dandy with their parents.  Not that much fun for me...

I put a very snarky entry in G+ about it using the event hashtag.  When we got into the event, they had a dozen giant TV's mounted up high so everyone could see them and they were showing tweets with the event hashtag. My G+ goes to Twitter... I walked in with the two jackass kids still kicking me and the first thing I saw was my snarky entry up on a screen in front of me.  Cracked me up!

The event really just a dozen companies with mostly uninteresting products at tables where people who crowd around.  There was no swag to speak of, the line for ice cream was huge and the booze was not free.  It was dark and crowded and I could not really see a reason to stay so I didn't.  Krispy Kreme was on the corner by where I had parked so I stopped and got a half dozen and came home.

Lovely evening.  Really, it wasn't bad.  And I got to test out my phone and T-Mobile in a bunch of different situations in different places and both preformed beautifully.  I think this test is not going to take a week.
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