Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Tonight I'm going to a gadget event (I honestly don't know what it is exactly either - I'll let you know after).  It starts at 7.  It's 2:30. I'm starving.  I am pretty sure the gadget even will have munchies and probably sweets but also sure, no dinner.  I was trying to conjure up a heavy snack when the phone rang.

It was Madaline - one of my swim peops.  She and I have been talking about getting a burger at this one burger restaurant since forever.  It's a place near her and supposed to have great burgers.  I had told her that I was totally up for spontaneous last minute so when she had an opening in her schedule, give me a call.

She had an opening but wanted to go early.  Totally perfect!!  I'm picking her up at 4.  Plenty of time for everything and I won't starve plus we'll finally find out if this place (The Oak on Beacon Hill) really does have a decent burger!
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