Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The next day

Yesterday turned out to be new phone day... all day long.  Turns out there's a T-Mobile store that is easy to get to from here. The folks there were very nice. But they don't sell, in the store, the kind of service I wanted. The kind of package I wanted is only available on the web. The sim card, which is required, takes to get.  Turns out the one I ordered several days ago won't be here until Thursday and I wanted service NOW!

So that led me to buy a sim kit that was not correct but got me the card and then I came home and did some fancy footwork on several customer service calls to get it switched to what I wanted.  All this was exacerbated by my own cluelessness.  While I was in transition, I had a trickle of data service which I took for a true T-Mobile data signal and was really bummed.

But, finally, I got it fixed. (Props here to all the customer service people I talked to yesterday. In retrospect, I was using all the wrong terms and talking to the wrong groups and still they were patient and respectful and didn't ask me to repeat my DNA a million times.)

Once I got it fixed, all is good.  The data speed here at the house (needed mainly for occasional network backup) is perfectly adequate.  Verizon may be a little better but not that much.  It's blazingly fast compared to Sprint.

The phone itself - Google's Nexus 4 - is a good phone. There is a short list of things I knew about and things I am discovering that I will really miss over my Note 2.

- no removable battery
- no removable/expandable storage
- the very highest volume is still way too quiet
- the camera (some of these might be fixable w/ another camera app)
    - no sound
    - no burst
    - not the greatest pictures

But, I love the size, the screen, the weight.  There is no crap on this phone and it is snappy.  And it has the latest and greatest android.

My plan is to use it exclusively for several days or a week and then decide whether or not to switch.

Today is swim and aqua aerobics.  We have a substitute teacher today. It's someone I've heard about and always wanted to take a class from but never had the opportunity.  Today is it!  My plan is to get there before class for some laps.

Apres swim plans are currently loosey goosey.  I'll be playing it by ear.  I don't really have any must do/have to things on the list.
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