Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The noise of quiet

At 3 am I was woken up by the quiet. The hallways here are broken up with about a half-dozen fire doors all held open by electro-magnets. First everything stopped and got quiet and then one by one, I heard the doors in the hall close.  Then I could hear workers outside.  It was hot and the fan had stopped.  It was dark on dark and sooo odd.  I went back to sleep but not a great sleep. I woke up once and it was dead quiet in addition to the dark dark dark.  Creepy. The juice came back on a little after 6.  I think what woke me then was the ceiling fan coming back on.
I got up and discovered that most everything had survived.  I love resident memory.  My coffee maker remembered how I like it and my radio did not lose my presets and found the wifi nearly on its own.  Not so bad after all.
My swim was great. I had a lane pretty much to myself. The Summer lifeguards were not there. I wonder if they've already left for the year.  The ones on duty this morning were ones who have been at other places (mostly the beaches) all Summer.
My new phone is on the truck for delivery today.  Nice. I really hope I like it. I'm so over this Samsung I've been using. I don't regret getting it.  I know if I had not, I'd still be lusting after a bigger screen, a built in smart stylus, a flip cover.  Now I know that bigger is not better at all, I never use the stylus and the flip cover just gets in the way.
Besides playing with the new phone, I brought in my swim bag to reorganize it today. I generally keep all my stuff in a bag in the car and only bring in my towel and suit to dry.  But, once in a while, the bag just gets too full o' crap and needs an overhaul.  That's today.
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