Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The nums and other notes

If I keep my phone til the end of my contract with Verizon, I will have paid $1,200 total.

If I sell my phone to Gazelle, pay Verizon's early termination fee, buy the new one from Google, pay as I go with T-Mobile (prepaid), for the same length of time, I will pay (generously estimating taxes, and misc charges that may happen) $1,130.

I'm ok with these nums.  And if T-Mobile service doesn't measure up or I cannot stand the phone, I can back right out as long as I do it before about September 14thish*.  And I'll be smarter.

*I have 15 days to return the phone to Google and 15 days to return the SIM to T-Mobile and my Gazelle quote is good for 30 days.


The Mariners have stopped just losing, now they are going down in flames - they've lost the past 6 games and NONE were close games.


The weather peops are promising rain tomorrow.  I'm so looking forward to that.
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