Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Rich are different

I grew up in the 50's a Southern town of about 200,000.  I learned early on that the people with money were two kinds of people - old money and new.  Old money people were classy and had style and may have been mean and tacky on the inside (likely not) but were always elegant and kind on the outside.  New money people were sometimes nice but generally had no taste or style to speak of.   We were not underprivileged in any way but we were not "moneyed" as my Mom used to say.  But we hung with those who were - both kinds. So I know the symptoms.

The Mercedes dealership of last week was decidedly old money.  Sure it was small and crowded and squeezed into a high density part of the city with no parking and not even great access but it was elegant and full of beautiful old wood and leather.  It had class and style to burn and the people did, too.

The new dealership left all of that behind.  It is big and bright with tons of parking and built by the Dealerships R Us designers.  It has zero style and less class.  So sad.  I was accosted by the New Car Sales Manager who introduced himself to me 3 times.  I assured him that I was not in any way interested in a new car but apparently he has hearing issues, poor guy.  The service guy was better but zero personality.  I made an appointment for next Wednesday but I'm pretty sure I'm going to move it out a couple of weeks.  They didn't even have their 'deli' section finished. I want free cookies!!  I forgot to test the wifi but surely they have it fast and free.

Bye, classy old place.  I'm sure glad I got to meet you.
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