Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's swim was excellent. A couple of times a week, there's a guy who 'swims' in my lane who has a coach at one end. She works with him during regular lane swimming.  He pays attention to her and not to anyone else in the lane.  It's really a PIA.  Last week he nearly rammed into me and would have if I hadn't seen him and lurched out of his way.  That's what sent me to the teaching pool for laps on Friday.

Today they were back but this time they did their thing in the teaching pool!!  Yeah!  I had the lane to myself for a while and then shared it with a regular.  It was good.  The swim time is 6:30-8. I had been getting there about 6:45 but this morning I woke up before the alarm went off and ended up getting there right at 6:30. I like that better.  I reset the alarm.

This time next week all the pools will be closed for Labor Day.  Boo.


I found a weird dime sized spot of blood on the sheets this morning - in about the neck zone.  It was dried and not there yesterday.  I wonder what the hell that's all about.  Apparently, it wasn't fatal.  Guess I'll be changing/washing sheets today.


Also today, I'm going to go check out the new Mercedes 'home'.  And, as it happened, yesterday my dashboard told me it's time for my annual checkup!!  I'll make an appointment while I'm there.  Smart cars don't need anything but gas and an annual checkup.  No oil changes every three months.  Every other year they do a big check up.  Last year I think it cost me something like $150 and that will be next year's bill as well.  This year it's going to be closer to $700.  At least I've known that for a year so I have the money set aside and ready.  Also, of course, they wash the outside and clean the inside really well which I love and my car sure needs now.


I really need to get bear knittin'.  My production is down this month. I'm not sure why but I only have a week to make up the diff.
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