Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tid Bits

I just got back from a quick tour of the new apartment building outside my terrace.  It's a lovely building and the corner units are beautiful with beautiful views but they are so small.  I think in terms of what of my stuff I could not have if I lived there and it's pretty much half.  Probably I could live a full productive live with half my stuff, but I'd also be paying rent that is 2x my mortgage + homeowners dues.  It was great to finally get inside and see what they have done.

I swam my mile today.  The first 30 laps were not that much fun, oddly.  I don't know why.  I didn't really notice the second 30 and when I get to 60, it's really not that far to go 12 more for the mile.  I shared the lane with 2 women most of the time and that was fine and dandy.  One was slower than I am and one was faster.  It was perfect.

The Mariners are losing as usual.  And Zoey is out in the hall exploring around.  She'll come back in as soon as someone comes down the hall with their dog.  She's so funny.  She does have some fans on the hallway now.  
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