Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Air conditioner off... trial

Screenshot 2013-08-24 at 6.44.40 PM

I turned off the air conditioner tonight.  I have the fan on instead.  I'm not brave enough to put it up for the winter but, if the 7 day forecast after next Saturday looks like this one, I will.  Last year I put it away on September 2 which is the earliest date since I started tracking in 2002.

I'm looking forward to no a/c noise and my electric bill going back down to wear it belongs.  But, of course, I'm really looking forward to cold.  Long sleeves hide my blood bruised arms and gloves hide the hands.  I can pretend my skin is 100% normal.  (I don't know why I'm so hung up about my hands and arms. I'm a good 100 pounds overweight.  Project Runway is not going to ask me to fill in for one of their models.)  Oh and I will have my living room real estate back when I put the thing back into the closet on the terrace - out of sight = No Longer Hot.
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