Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Making up my own rules

The early morning swims - 6:30-8 am - are full of swimming pros.  There are 6 lanes.  Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Fast, Fast and Very Fast.  The 2 Fasts and the Very Fast lanes are taken up by a group that appears to be kind of a self driven masters thing.  The other lanes are used by the rest of us.  No kids, no peops on noodles floating around.  Just swimmers.  This morning there were lots of them.  So rather than fight the crowds, I used the smaller 'teaching pool'.

The smaller pool - which is actually connected to the larger one but with a concrete barrier - is 15 yards square. It's redeeming feature is that NO ONE uses it in the mornings.  It's totally empty.  Pythagoras helped me to determine that diagonal laps are 21 yards and change compared to the big pool's 25 yard lanes.  At first it felt weird.  Pushing off from a corner took some getting used to and the short laps did, too.  BUT, having a whole pool to myself was pretty sweet and, I discovered after the first 30 or so laps that I was spending far less time resting between laps.  Sometimes no resting at all. So really, I was getting in longer laps than in the big pool.  I try to do at least 60 laps - 1,500 yards.  Today I did 73 of the short laps - 1548 yards. Traffic free.  Nice.

Of course, I did get a few "Real swimmers don't use kiddie pools" looks but as me and the kiddies say (I imagine - I don't actually ever talk to them), fuck em.


All of my blood bruises were healing nicely and on their way to invisible.  And then, this morning, the back of my hand tapped lightly on the toilet paper holder and now it is covered by a saucer sized purple blotch.  Fuck.  I will not wear gloves in August.  It is my left hand so I can keep it in my pocket.


Nothing much going on here today. It seems like there was something I needed/wanted to do but it has now slipped to the back of my mind.  If it comes out, great. If not, I'll just knit and watch some podcasts and read my book.
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