Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This n That

The pool was packed today.  I managed to get all my 60 laps in but it was a struggle to fight the traffic. I wasn't tempted to try for more because my swimsuit was rubbing one of my nipples off.  It's not a suit I wear often but was wearing it because my regular suits were chaffing under my arm.  I think my underarm is healed so tomorrow it's back to the nipple friendly suits!

Then it was on to Costco.  Last January, I asked at the store when my membership was due and was told February.  I decided I didn't need it any more.  Recently, I missed their toilet paper and bacon so I went back.  Turns out my membership expired in April, not February.  Note to self, next time you need to ask - go for best 2 out of 3 answers!  Also write today's date on the card.

I got bacon and toilet paper and Kleenex.  That is it.  $30.  I was impressed with me that it wasn't more.  Then I blew another $5 on a slice (ginormous) of pizza.  I got a drink and rather than eat there in the mayhem of the Costco 'dining room', I took it all to the car, drove to a shaded spot and enjoyed my lunch while listening to a podcast.  It was just lovely!!

I stopped at Grocery Outlook to get eggs and cheese and then came home for another breakfast trial.  Yesterday's was too dry and my recipe was too wonky.  Today I kept track of the ingredients and the amounts and simplified greatly.  They are in the fridge now.  Taste test will be for breakfast tomorrow.  I'll publish the recipe once I perfect it.

On the way to Costco after the pool, I went by the location of the new Mercedes (Smart Car) dealership.  They were supposed to be in it by now and I hadn't heard a word.  I had seen the construction months ago.  Today I rounded the curve and WOW!!!  It's huge and wow.  And then coinkidinkily, while I was eating lunch I got an email announcing that they will be opening the new place on this coming Monday!  The note said come on by and see the new place and I just might do it!!  I'm due for my 2nd annual checkup so I can go scope out the new place before hand and maybe even make my appointment.  Their old digs were old but full of amenities. Designer coffee, homemade cookies, free fast wifi, comfortable furniture, free ride anywhere... I was really disappointed when they finished with my car and I had to leave.

I also finally got an email from the people leasing the new building outside my terrace.  They kept tweeting asking if anyone wanted a tour and I kept tweeting yes and then they would tweet 'dm us with your email and we'll set something up'. I'd do that and crickets and then in a week we'd do it all again.  Finally...  And now I'm set for a tour Sunday afternoon at 3.

Dinner's ready and I'm starving.
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