Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swimming this morning was a bit of a hassle.  The lanes were pretty full and my lane was clogged with one slow swimmer and one guy who was apparently being coached by a woman on the sidelines.  He totally fucked up the lane rhythm.

The pool is 25 yards divided into 6 lanes.  But right next to it is a shallower (2 feet to 4 feet deep) pool that is 15 yards square.  In the mornings, when the lanes are full, that shallow pool is empty.  100 laps would equal my 60 in the regular lanes.  I could actually do a square - 15, turn right, 15, turn right, etc.  So I could do a 25 squares and that would do it, too.

So I think next time the lanes are full, I'm going to try 'squaring' the smaller one!  Wish I had thought of that before I swam this morning instead of after!

Zoey slept in the bed with me for most of the night.  I dreamed that my mother (who was NOT a dog lover) was 1. alive and 2. had a little tiny dog.  Weird.

The baseball game is an afternoon game.  And other than that, there's not much on my hit parade today. It's hot.  And, hopefully, one of the last days in the 80's this Summer.  At least, if the forecast is correct, it's the last sunny morning.  Starting tomorrow we're back to cloudy mornings and that's joy to me.  If I can just keep the sun out in the mornings, the rest of the day seems to work itself out ok.
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