Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

To cut or not to cut...

I'm thinking not.  I hate the whole process of getting my hair cut. I hate chit chat with the cutter. I hate sitting there patiently. I just hate the whole damn thing.  My hair never looks great anyway and I'm postponing my cover shot permanently so ... ok, I think that's enough excuses to put the whole haircut on hold.  Done. Whew.  Glad that's over.

I do think I'm going out at some point to get stuff to make more of those egg things.  They nuked up beautifully.  1 is not enough and 2 are too many for breakfast so I think I need to make them smaller so 2 will be the perfect size. My current supply takes me through Wednesday so even that trip isn't an emergency.

Swim this morning was good.  The pool I use on weekdays is kept a degree or two cooler than the ones I use on the weekends.  For me, cooler is better. I like to jump into the deep end and I love the rush of the slightly cool water. It's invigorating.  It was also great to be back among swimmers who are courteous and thoughtful in how interact with others in their lane.  It's not a huge deal, but it certainly makes for a nicer swim.

Today is change sheets day and laundry day.  And as soon as my old Nexus 7 comes back from Amazon, I need to slap the Gazelle label on it and truck it to the post office.  Amazon's trade in program rejected it because it's an 8 GB instead of 16 GB.  This was user error because I was not paying attention and I'm very grateful that they are sending it back (I checked the box that says do not return.). Gazelle will give me $55 for it so it goes in and out today.

And that's all the news here today... so far... I think... 
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