Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


20130818_102000_Occidental Ave S.jpgOk, so far so good.  Cooled out of the oven, they weren't bad at all.  The size is perfect.  They are now in the fridge.  Tomorrow, I'll nuke one with my coffee and see how that goes.  This could work  The possible variations are endless.

I swam a mile this morning and it was glorious.  Thoughtful lane etiquette varies so widely from pool to pool.  At the pool I use on Sunday, they really have none.  I ended up in one lane with one really really slow swimmer and one who's about my speed.  The woman at my speed and I ended up spending a lot of time waiting on Ms. Slow.  Or doing half laps.  The lane next to ours - a faster lane - had two people but they were splitting it, meaning there was no room for a third.   Finally, Ms. Slow left and the road was clear both ways.  By this time I had done my 60 laps but it was so lovely to stretch out and not worry about traffic, I just went on til I hit 74.  It was lovely.

The other two pools I swim in regularly have strict circle policies.  You must hug the right hand side of the lane at all times so really, if you have swimmers of nearly the same speed, you could have 5 or 6 people sharing a lane.  This Sunday pool has signs that say they want you to circle swim but they don't enforce it and most swimmers I run into there would much rather split. It's weird but it's fine.  I can always go to another pool if I don't like it.

I am still installing updates on the Windows PC that reformatted and reloaded last week.  The more I use my chromebook the less patience I have for the Windows operating system.
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