Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I like breakfast and in my book there are really 2 kinds.  Sit down and eat or grab and go.  Most days, I much prefer the grab and go.  I like to get my coffee and my grab and go and head back to bed with Zoey and my laptop and Internet into my day.  But, I'm currently at a grab and go loss.

For years I made quiche muffins but eventually, I just go really tired of those.  I don't like smoothies. I don't want to take the time to make toast or scamble eggs and I'm not that wild about microwaved eggs either. Cereal and milk is ok but if I spill a bowl of cereal and milk on my bed, I'm going to be seriously pissed.  I'm ok with a little sweet but not too much and I'd rather have savory.  I bought a loaf of banana bread.  This morning I opened the package, cut off a slice, lathered it with cream cheese.  It was way too sweet and way too dry and just a total fail.

I do like the prepared ahead, pop into the microwave model.  So just now, I made a trial.  6 eggs, some frozen crumbled sausage, some salt and pepper, some of creamed cheese (cause it was already on the counter) and a handful of grated cheddar.  Whipped it up and poured it into a muffin tin.  7 muffins.  They are in the oven now. 350. I'm thinking maybe 20ish mins.  We'll see.

Today's pool opens at 11 so the plan is to be there then.  I'll leave here in about 40 minutes.  Nothing else really on the agenda.  I'm not likely to stop for breakfast/lunch after today because I got lots of groceries yesterday. So I'll come home and whip something up.  The game is an afternoon game today.

I've got two good books going...  I'm listening to The Silent Wife on audio and still reading and enjoying the heck out of Gulp.  The summer shows are winding down on TV and we've still got about 5 weeks until the fall season so I'm watching a lot of HGTV with some Netflix thrown in.

Guess I'll get up and get dressed and toss in a laundry load while I wait for the breakfast experiment to mature.
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