Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My name is Susan and I'm a Duvet-aholic

It's been my experience that fat girls love/shop/buy too many of shoes and bags.  I'm not that big on shoes so I do bags and duvets.  I have no door on my bedroom and I pass by my bed anytime I go from the front of the condo to the back - which I do many times a day.  I love passing by and seeing something colorful and fun on the bed.  And since Denzel Washington never ever ever comes to visit, I buy duvet covers and comforters and quilts.

And I rotate.  I finally got all mine into one chest not long ago.  I made a pile of those ready for Goodwill but turned out the pile was teeny.  I can't let go of any.  I have ones for different seasons and different moods and different weather and ones just because. I need no more.  Really.  I have a beautiful collection.

Sadly, today, a display (feel how soft!!!) and a sale price knocked me off my game and I came home with a gorgeous duvet - white a with purple and lime green medallion pattern. It's way too warm to use it now.  But it was on sale!  Really.  I have no control.  I'm going to have to start a new one in, old one out policy.

I also got everything on my list except small compostable bags for kitchen scraps.  The only compostable bags they had were for tall kitchen bags. If I ever have that much kitchen garbage it will be because the fridge died and composting will be the least of my worries.  Oh well, I compensated with buying too much of everything else.

Zoey had a fit when I got home.  She demanded immediate focus and attention.  As I unpacked things from the bags, she knocked them off the counter.  I finally shoved the cold stuff into where it needed to go and left the rest to play with her.  Now she's bored with me.  Ha!!  Time to get the rest of the stuff put away.
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