Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ahhh so that's what that was...

The Walgreens charge hit my Discover Card today (moving from pending) so I called Walgreens.  I have to say that their customer service over the phone is pretty impressive.  I talked to two people and both were sharp, articulate, easy to understand and efficient. I can't ask for much more than that!  Turns out, it was an order I placed!  I ordered a refill on a drug last month.  They actually sent me an email saying they were holding on the order until my insurance cleared that it was time for another refill.  The reason it didn't click is that the price more than doubled from $15 and change to $37.  And their website also did not show that the order was made or filled in the 'history' section.

BUT the bottom line is that I don't have to cancel my credit card. Whew.


The bone conducting music player is going back to Amazon.  This morning, after using it for 15 minutes, I actually got out of the pool and got my ear plug one and switched.  Ahhhhh The bone conducting one just sounded like the ear plug one if the ear plugs were full of cotton.  I can buy 6 of the ear plug players with the money that I get back.  So if I have to replace them every couple of months, I will, and gladly.  As one guy on a swimming forum said, at least swimming toys are way cheaper than the toys for most other sports.  Yes, they are.

My earplug player died after a couple of songs. I knew it was critically ill.  I got that from Amazon, too.  I applied for a return but the fulfillment house just said they would send me a refund.  I have a backup and a backup to the backup so I will load them up today and have tunes and backup tunes for tomorrow.

I swam more than half to today's 60 laps with no tunes.  Not that much fun, actually.  So we won't be doing that any more.


After swimming, I popped into the coffee shop downstairs and got an egg, cheese and bacon pita wrap. It was delicious but way too much.  Maybe next time, one of their almond pastries.


Last night (or this morning before 6), they cleared away all the fencing around the new apartment building that's outside my terrace.  All the construction shit is now confined to a small corral in the back.  The sidewalks are nice and wide with a block and a half of retail space.  I'd love a drug store.  And the painting of the front of my condo building is also coming along.  It looks amazing.


Zoey's still confused about M/W/F when I get up and leave the house for an hour and then come home and get back on the bed.  She's now out in the hallway trying to guess if we're getting up for the day or not.  I think maybe we are.
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