Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe my bones are defective...

All the things I thought I'd not like about the Finis Neptune bone conducting MP3 player, I really like MUCH better than the earphoned variety.  It is weird to hang all that shit from you goggles but, once you do and are in the water, it's a major nothing burger.  Everything is out of the way and not jostling around and really never needs adjusting.  Turning up and down the volume and skipping a song are a whole lot easier than I thought they would be.

And I asked several people if they could hear the music - one when my head was less than a foot from hers and a loud song was on - and no one could hear it but me.

But, probably the biggest plus was I can also hear people talk. There is not a whole lot of talking when swimming laps but what there is is kind of important.  'If you want to wait, I'm going to speed up.' or 'Would you mind doing circles or split?' stuff like that. It is so rude to have to pull out earphones and say 'pardon'??  It's so much nicer to say 'thanks!' and 'circles, if you don't mind'...

While I can hear the music outside the water, I can't hear it well.  I can hear it much better under water while swimming.  But, it still sounds muddy.  Not nearly as clear as earbuds.  The instructions say to wear earplugs but no. If I'm going to put shit in my ears it's going to be music conducting earbuds.

The player has an equalizer setting.  I could not find it in the pool.  Doing anything other skipping songs and changing volume isn't really practical in the pool.  But I found it when I got home so I'll try another setting.  I'm going to try these tomorrow again and then do a day with earbuds for comparison.  I have a while on my Return To Amazon window.  So we'll see.

Lunchtime here. I'm starving.
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