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This is us in the mornings. Zoey helps with the checking of what happened last night and the updating of LJ.  Pretty much every morning.

Yesterday, I did the PC. After 3 hours of false starts - that is, of course, 30 minutes of doing stuff and 2.5 hours of waiting for Windows to catch up - I finally got the deed done.  I still have a couple of programs to install but all of the critical stuff is in and working and working very nicely, thank you very much.

I took a break in the afternoon and went to the Goodwill.  I keep a laundry hamper for Goodwill stuff. It's a nice looking hamper that kind of disappears in the fish room.  Whenever I find anything in the house that needs to go away, I pop it into the hamper.  When it gets full, it's off to the Goodwill for me.  I try to make those trips on Wednesday when they store there gives 20% discount to seniors.

Yesterday, I stumbled on the plus size section of clothes and found 3 excellent blouses.  I must say that fat Seattle women donate some really attractive high quality stuff.  I'd never looked before.  My closet is now full but the addition of these three shirts -  1 dress, 1 casual and 1 soft flannel - capped off the inventory nicely.

My bone conducting music player arrived and it's weird.  It's going to look weird on my head.  I can hear the music but it feels like it's spilling from the cheek bone plates into my ears.  It's not made to be worn 'in the air' and clearly it would not work.  Having 3 things clipped to my goggles may be a bit much.  I'm going to give them a couple of pool days before I send them back.  They are charged and ready to go.

I called Discover about the weird charge and, sure enough, they were ready to close my account.  Since closing my account and opening a new one is a royal pain in the ass, I said stop.  Right now the charge is in pending.  If/when it gets to 'real', I'll investigate.  What crook steals a credit card number for one $34 purchase at Walgreens?  I've taken to tracking my Discover purchases in a spreadsheet - kind of a check register since most of what I buy, I buy with Discover.  I reconcile my spreadsheet with online Discover about daily.  It's kind of a bother but I like keeping track.

Time to get up and get going.  I need to empty the dishwasher and start a load of clothes and do other little things before I leave for the pool at 10:30.
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