Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holy Crap!

It took me 5 days and what seemed like a million tries to get to the correct Comcast people.  I called, I tweeted and G+'d directly to Comcast.  They changed my IP address 3 times over the course of those 5 days - this after having the same IP address for at least a year.  But, all's well that ends well and everything is working and has been working fine now for 24 hours so I declared victory.

Out of nothing but curiosity, tonight I ran a speed test - many actually.  About 3 months ago, they gave me a special deal on their Burst internet upgrade.  I tried it and it moved my speed need from about 18 to 25Mbps (that's download speed) but, honestly, since I'm not working, I really don't need speed consistently and it cost an extra $10 a month so I said no thanks and canceled.  That was about a week before this latest festuche.  I went back down to about 18 or 19 - that's on my laptop over wifi.  And it's fine.

Tonight, I'm consistently - using various tests - getting 38 and 39Mbps download speed!!!!  I don't know if some tech guy did me a giant favor or it's a fluke or my new router spits magic beans or what but wow.  Really.
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