Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I love living in the future

I bought a new purse this weekend mainly because my small bag was getting too crowded when I wanted to take my tablet with me.  I bought this Baggallini model because it has a carry handle and can be shoulder, cross body or backpack.  I didn't read much of the details beyond the inches.

It arrived today and is the perfect size and has a padded pocket for a tablet!!  I ordered from eBag because they make sending stuff back easy.  They are so not getting this back.  I love it.

Swimming was great today. I shared a lane with my swim buddy, Julie and did 60 laps.  I finished up just as my buddies from the aqua jogging class.  So I hung around to say hi.  They asked me "Are you here for class are just Susan Social?"  hahahah Susan Social.

Now I plan to have a nice, quiet, technology-fail free afternoon.  Me and the bears.
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