Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new and better day...

Well, I finally got my IP blocking issue fixed.  And then my router died. And none of the routers I have in the house worked. (They are all now in the Goodwill bin.) I spent from 4 to 11 last night fucking with it all.  Everything is now back in place and working well.  I can get to my own website.  I'm very grateful for Office Max - their proximity and their healthy inventory.

And I'm grateful to my brother who always sweetly talks me down off the ceiling even on the way into the restaurant for his birthday dinner.  He's always so calm and unfrazzled while I'm having a stroke.

I really do have crappy Router Karma.  But, hey it could be something critical and expensive and horrible. Instead it's only routers and, as my brother says, for what for me turns out to be about $50 a year, it's cheap for everything the router does to enable me to have all the stuff working I do.

And, at least I was able to get it all done before I went to sleep. Unresolved technology is a guaranteed insomniac for me.  I also got two giant purple blood bruises on my hand.  Lovely.  I'm not wearing gloves in August.  Ugh.

In other news, I noticed this morning that Zoey's hairless patches are getting hair again!!  All of them.  Whew.

My swim is mid-day today.  The pool doesn't open until 11.  Before that I need to put away all the crap that got pulled out during all the network and get the house back in order. And then I have bears to knit and podcasts to catch up on.  Yesterday didn't do much of either!
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