Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My 6 pack is dented...

My 6 pack (conveniently hidden from view by multiple layers of fat) feels like it's been abused.  And my lower back seems unable to carry the load...  I wonder if maybe it wasn't ready to swim that mile yesterday.  It will learn.  I did a half mile today before class and when I was stretched out swimming it felt a little better. When I was walking around shopping is when I really noticed it.  Weird.

After the pool, I went to IHop.  There's a fairly nice one between here and the Saturday pool.  Today there were several groups ahead of me and the lady at the desk was telling people it would be 20-30 minutes.  She told me, for 1 that it would be about 20.  So I said ok and figured I'd sit down and scope out an alternate plan on my phone.  Before I could get to it, though, they called my name and sat me at a perfectly fine table.  Food was good.  Service was good.  Screaming children were far enough away not to bug me.  It was fine.

20130810_122507.jpgThen I went to the Dollar Store for really no good reason and killed $10.  It was fun.  I love school supply time.  I did get Zoey a new collar.  I actually got her one to wear and a backup for when that one goes.  Safety cat collars with bells for a buck??!  Quelle bon!  (Most of the stuff in the Dollar Store has French and/or French and English labels. It cracks me up.  I love the cat toy section or rather the Jouets Pour Chats section.)

I stopped at the Grocery Outlet and then came on home.

Ooops the collar slides to too big way too easily.  Ok, added a knot to it and now we're fine.  Stunning, as a matter of fact.

Now I'm home with nothing that has to be done.  Well, I do need to put away the laundry so I can read on the fish bed.

I'm still reading Gulp by Mary Roach.  It's a fascinating look at the trip that food takes from mouth to asshole.  It's on the Kindle and really interruptable so I keep reading other stuff and somehow only pick up Gulp when I'm in restaurants.  This morning's reading covered the upper parts of the elimination system.  While Roach is a gifted scientist and writer with hilarious flare, there has to be better things to read over breakfast... or any meal.

The sun has been out a little today but right now it is cloudy and breezy and wonderful.
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