Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did get the attention of a ComcastCares guy on Twitter and sent him the details of the issue.  I finally figured out I could get on my phone and easily flip from Verizon to Comcast to check pings and tracerts.  Everything is fine on Verizon.  Broken on Comcast.  It could be so much worse.  It's just annoying.

Today I'm off to the pool in just a bit.  Class starts at 8:30 and I'd like to get in some laps before then.  I'm not sure what's happening after class.  This time of year there is so much road construction and roads blocked for events it's not easy to get to some parts of town so I'm cautious about roaming wherever. I'd like to get some breakfast but there really isn't any place I love anywhere easy to get to from the pool on a Saturday. And I don't really have any errands I need or want to do.

So I might just come on home.  Or come close and stop at Denny's.

I have no other plans for today.  A free day.  Nice.  Plus, it's not supposed to be as hot today.
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