Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Totally worth it

My session with Coach Mark was great.  The net net is that my instincts are totally correct and I have great form!!

He answered all my questions.  Swimming faster is no better or worse than swimming longer.  Watched clock intervals are very handy for counting laps.  But, as I suspected, not that easy sometimes when you are sharing lanes and, since I use a counter, not at all necessary.There is no need for me to adopt one of those complicated swim workouts I see on the internet.

No need for me to learn to breathe bilaterally.  Swimming every day is fine.  Great actually. I should swim as much and as long as I like.  I'm fine doing the same stroke always.  Learning new ones will work on other muscles but not so much that it's really a requirement.  As long as I'm not bored, I can ignore intervals and different strokes and stuff like using the boards and flippers and other toys.

He watched me for a good while.  He said I rolled nicely to get air and had solid arm catch with excellent body positioning.  Go me!!

He clearly thought my music player was silly.  And he'd never do it 'it would be way to distracting' but he did suggest, since we had time, I should swim with the music while he watched to see if it changed my form, timing or technique (nope).

All in all it was well worth it.  Then, after I did my laps I ran into my swim friend, Julie, who had the same questions so I told her everything and got even more of my money's worth!!

Oh and I asked about why the first 2 laps were always so hard and he laughed heartily and said for him it was the first 12!!  Apparently quite normal.

I'm very glad I did the lesson.
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