Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a little used email address that I mainly keep around to give spammers hope.  It's on my personal domain and today I found out by accident that it was 'full' and rejecting mail.  28,000 messages.

The account is set to flow into gmail and gmail has a setting that says 'leave mail on server'. I assumed by leaving that unchecked that it would clear mail from server.  Apparently not.  I tried a couple of things to clear them out and failed so I just downloaded Pegasus email client and I'm trying that now.  If this doesn't work, I'll just delete the account and then recreate it.  My host now has very nice spam tools. They have probably been there for awhile and I never noticed so I never turned them on.

It really so doesn't matter. I only use the address when I need a non-gmail one and I haven't handed it out to anyone in more than a decade.

I got the form from the insurance company today and packaged it up to send off to the group who reimburses.  $630!  Nice.

My swim lesson is in 20 minutes.  I think I'll go ahead and head on out even though Google tells me with current traffic it should take me 9 minutes.  I can entertain myself with a phone game if I have to eat 11 minutes.
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