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Back in the day when I actually worked for a living, I got so much done when a baseball game was in the background, that when I was freelancing (this was about 1994), one of my customers actually upgraded my cable to include a channel that had baseball every day!  He really 'got' me.

Today was one of those days.  With the Mariners in the background, I updated all the computers.  The windows ones were particularly gnarly this time - three reboots each.  My old chrome - the one that google sent me for testing - is getting harder and harder to update.  It's tired and old. I understand.

Then I went through the desktop computer and made a list of all the software I will need to reinstall.  I tracked down the DVD's and/or the exe and made a list of where they are and then got all the keys/passwords/install codes/etc.  I think I'm ready.  As soon as the newsletter is gold, I'll reformat that hard drive and build it back up.  Having everything ready and available should make the task easier.

I've been looking and watching and waiting for my latest Explanation of Benefits document from my health insurance. I need it to get reimbursed $600.  They usually put them on the website on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays.  It wasn't there on the 3rd.  It wasn't there on the 1st.  I finally sent an email saying ???  They said, no claims, no forms.  There are 5 claims on their very own website.  Oh, those are pharmacy.  Yeah.  Well, you have to talk to pharmacy.  I heart insurance.

Turns out, had I not called, I would have gotten the form probably in December, maybe in January.  The pharmacy guy had to research it but he says he will have it emailed to me.  I have a note to call again next week, if no see.

Stuff Done!!
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