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I adjusted my time so that I now get to the pool about 5 before 7.  Today I swam 50 minutes and did 54 laps.  A mile is 72 laps.  It was good.  Tomorrow, I hope to get validation that it was or find out how to make it good or a variation of the two.

I'm also giving serious consideration to getting a Finis Neptune (bone conducting music player). I tried one of their predecessors a while back and was underwhelmed and sent it back.  But this new one sounds like it's fixed some of my issues.  It's very pricey so I'm not pulling the trigger yet.  I have two trade ins going back to Amazon and together they will about cover the cost so I might buy when the $$ gets there.

I may have made a connect to get a tour inside the building outside my terrace.  The people who run their Twitter account have invited me even after I explained that i am not a prospect. I probably should take neighbor Ann with me but I'm kind of worried that she might insult them.  She's on the historic committee for the neighborhood and so is THE expert on many things and has little compunction about sharing that. One on one with me, it's controllable but I would hesitate to foist it on someone doing me a favor.

Amira and her daughter came this morning and cleaned out the house. It is now sparkly and smells wonderful.  Betty and Travis - the two kitties before Zoey - were really high maintenance.  Travis was a full time shedder and took his work very seriously.  Betty had intestinal issues all over the house and was a very sloppy eater.  Amira had her work cut out with both of them.

Zoey neither sheds or makes messes of any kind.  Heck, if she could be taught to clean toilets, Amira would be totally out of work here!!

I got 8 free bus tickets with my latest licence plate renewal.  They expire at the end of October and I can't see my using more than a couple before then so I'm going to trot up to the Real Change newspaper office and see if some of their vendors maybe can use a free bus ride.  I admire what Real Change does and how they do it and their offices are a few blocks away so that's today's project.

Then the Mariners game will be on TV this afternoon.  If they play today like they played last night, I will have the rest of the Summer game-free. If they don't care, why should I?  Maybe I'll get a new team.

Anita made me my favorite chicken salad with pecans and grapes so that's what's on tap for lunch.

Off now to run my errand.
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