Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yeah but...

Turns out watching YouTube videos does not translate all that well to doing it myself in the water! I tried all the stuff I read about and saw and I could not even tell if I was doing it right or if it was even working.  I finally gave up and just did laps my regular way.  50 of 'em.  I would have done more but, again, the toe cramps.  I was getting pretty tired anyway.

But, I decided it was time for another lesson.  The instructors at the pool this Summer don't seem too interesting except for one.  There's a guy who works with the kids swim team whose name is Mark and everyone calls Coach Mark.  The sign up sheet for one team thing says 'ask Coach Mark or Jim'  so maybe his first name is actually Coach.  He has all the right moves, voices and looks for a swim coach.  And he had an opening at 10:30 this coming Thursday so I grabbed it.

I want him to look at my form but mainly to answer my questions:

  • Is a long swim better than a fast one?

  • Is it ok to swim 30-45 mins a day? 7 days a week?  Is more better?  Or Less?

  • Is bilateral breathing important/worth the hassle/possible to old fat ladies to learn?

  • Is interval swimming important or is it just as fine to go for it, stopping only briefly between laps?

  • Is varying strokes valuable for reasons other than boredom relief?

  • And I want info on master sessions. (which I seriously doubt I'll ever do as they are in the evening) but I still want to know.

That's my beginning list. I have a day and a half to flush it out or add to it or both.
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