Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, about 5 am, Zoey started knocking stuff off the bedside tables.

She rarely sleeps with me.  I moved one of the fish beds into the bedroom and I know she spends some time in there but since I'm asleep, lordknows what she does...  But knocking stuff off and making noise is not cool.

So I grabbed her and snuggled her in close to me so she couldn't move and, after a minute or so she quit trying and we both went to sleep. It was just delicious.

Today is Chef Anita day.  She's busy in the kitchen now.

I'll go swimming at 11.  Today I am going to try and start teaching myself how to breathe on both sides.   Right now, I roll to my right to breathe. And my upper right arm kind of bothers me.  I'm thinking it may be because it's working harder than my left.  I never roll to the left so that's what I need to learn than I can alternate left and right and give everybody a fighting chance.

Thanks to the internets and to YouTube, I have info and a decent idea of how to do some drills to help me learn.  I think, right now, getting my technique equal is more better than getting milage.

Anita made me some pickle brine but she broke her bottle of fish sauce so I need to stop and get her some before or after the pool.

And that's about it for things on the list today.  I'm still organizing my music on the desktop. It's going slowly because I am clueless and the machine is a dog.  I need to reformat and rebuild but I have to wait until after my brother's newsletter goes out. I've waiting more than 5 years, another couple of weeks isn't going to kill me.

It's hot but I'm trying to pretend it isn't.  My beloved air conditioner is helping me in my denial.
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