Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new week

The longer I'm retired, the more I have grown to love Mondays. I like the feeling of a bright, shiny, new week.  Today a deposit I've been waiting on finally made it into my bank account and I can finally get an insurance issues resolved and my new Nexus 7 will be delivered...  On weekdays, stuff happens.

And on Mondays, the pool is open for early swims.  This morning I did 3/4ths of a mile.  Yesterday, I did it for the first time and would have tried for a mile but my toes cramped up so I stopped.  Today I got to 3/4ths of a mile just as lap time ended at 8.  I may try getting there a little earlier for early morning swims.  The idea of swimming appeals to me.

My upper right arm has been bothering me when I swim but today it was much better so whew.

And then there's my hair.  I keep my hair short but, even so, the chlorine morphs it from the thin, fine baby hair it is naturally to thick brillo pad porcupine spikes.  It's kind of Big Texas Hair meets Stuck Your Finger In a Light Socket. I wash it with chlorine removing shampoo which pretty much does nothing. If I use conditioner, it feels better but lays so flat on my head, that I look bald.

I decided to try a swim cap.  Today.  I lasted 1 lap with it. What a horrible feeling to have your head squeezed in like a sausage!!!  I am now officially fine with sticky outy metal spoke looking hair.

The sun is out and blinding.  I nearly hit someone in an intersection this morning.  I'm staying in with the blinds drawn thank you very much.
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