Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

East Meets West

My condo faces due east.  Summer mornings can be brutal when the sun is out. Thankfully, here in Seattle, a lot of our mornings are cloudy.  Lots of times, the clouds burn off at lunch and the sun is out all afternoon and much of the evening.

This building is divided in half.  Half the units are on the east side like mine and half are on the west side.  I have friends on the west side and visiting them in the afternoons has always made me soooo glad I picked this side.

When I moved in here - January of 1992 - only about a third of the units had sold so I had my pick of the other 2 thirds.  I did not even think of the sun.  I picked this side because all the ones over here have a bath and a half.  I was all over having a spare toilet!

Then this year, they built a building outside my terrace.  It's actually very lovely and I can't wait until people move in.  I am binocular ready.  The building has giant floor to ceiling windows and is about 4 stories taller than this one.

So that evening sun?   It comes across our building's roof and hits those windows and ricochets right into my living room!!  Happily it's only here for about 30 minutes and so does little damage as far as really heating the place.  Especially if I remember to roll down my great sun blocking shades.

And the bonus is that it lights up my stained glass so beautifully. I get evenings like this.

20130804_191339_Occidental Ave S.jpg
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